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Established in March 2021, NewWay, Centre for Craniofacial Pain and Orthodontia, based in Chandigarh, has a dedicated focus on providing the best and affordable dental treatment using a holistic and modern approach to treat the patients. Our Clinic is equipped with the latest technology, which assists our staff to make better decisions and helps choose the best course of dental treatment. We strive for excellence in treatment while ensuring maximum patient comfort.

NewWay values patient autonomy and respects their perspective to develop a treatment plan to improve quality of life. It has been our endeavor to constantly improve our skills and upgrade the office to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Our treatment meets high standards set for quality dental care & we assure you of lasting results.

NewWay Dental Clinic provides you with the highest quality dental care. It maintains a comfortable environment for all its patients to receive care. A culture of continuous quality improvement exists, and objective criteria are in place to provide evidence of high-quality dental treatment.

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