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Are you suffering from gum problems? Worry no more! Gingival flap surgery is a periodontal surgical procedure used to treat periodontal disease and restore the health of the gums. It is also known as a gingivectomy, gum grafting, or pocket reduction surgery. Gingival flap surgery is used to remove and reshape the gum tissue to reduce pocket depths between the teeth and gums. It is also used to remove excess gum tissue, which can help to improve the aesthetics of the gums and reduce the prominence of a “gummy” smile.
During the surgery, the periodontist will make small incisions in the gum tissues to lift the gums away from the teeth. This allows the periodontist to better access and clean the affected area. Then, the periodontist can use various tools to remove the bacteria and tartar, which can help to reduce the pocket depths and reduce the risk of further infection. Once the area is clean and free of infection, the periodontist will then reshape the gums to reduce the pocket depths and improve the aesthetics of the gums. This can help to reduce the amount of bacteria and plaque that can accumulate around the teeth, to give the teeth a lifetime to be productive.

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