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Overdentures are an increasingly popular option for replacing lost teeth. These dental prosthetics are used to replace one or more teeth, and they provide a secure fit that can help revitalize a person’s smile. As a dentist, it’s important to educate your patients about the various types of overdentures available so they can make an informed decision about their oral health. Overdentures are prosthetic teeth that are anchored to the jawbone using dental implants. This secure fit helps to reduce the risk of slipping and loosening, which can occur with traditional dentures. Overdentures can be used to replace one tooth or several teeth, and they’re often used in people who have lost all of their natural teeth. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, overdentures can be made to perfectly match the shape and colour of the patient’s natural teeth.
Overdentures provide several advantages over traditional dentures. Unlike traditional dentures, overdentures don’t need to be taken out and put back in every day. This can be convenient for patients who don’t want to worry about taking them out and cleaning them. Additionally, overdentures are designed to fit securely in the mouth so they don’t slip or move around. This can help improve a person’s ability to speak and chew food.

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