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How it is different from local aligners?

The Benefits of Invisalign Over Local Aligners

There are several advantages in choosing to have Invisalign treatment over other local Aligner treatments:

  • Invisalign is made of SmartTrack material that is designed to move teeth more accurately and efficiently than other clear aligners. No other clear aligner uses SmartTrack material as this is used exclusively in Invisalign’s products.
  • Invisalign aligners are custom-made using 3D printing technology which are tailored specifically to the individual patient’s mouth. Other clear aligners don’t provide the same level of customization.
  • Invisalign is often considered to be the most comfortable aligners, as they are made from a smooth, medical-grade plastic. Other clear aligners can sometimes be made from a less comfortable, stiffer material.
  • Invisalign Teen aligners have compliance indicators on them to help you stay on track. Thus, Invisalign is more trackable and shows the progression of tooth movement better than other local aligners.
  • Invisalign also allows for refinement of treatment plans during the course of the treatment. Other clear aligners typically require a new treatment plan to be created from scratch if any adjustments need to be made.
  • Invisalign is more expensive than other clear aligners due to its patented design and technology. Other clear aligners might be cheaper but are less effective.
  • Invisalign comes with attachments on the aligners that make them easier to put on and take off than other clear aligners.
  • Invisalign is the only clear aligner system with the ability to move teeth in all directions, while other clear aligners are limited to moving teeth in a single direction.

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