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Regenerate Your Bones with Dental Bone Grafting - A Miracle of Modern Medicine!

If you are suffering from a bone injury or condition that requires a bone graft, you’ve come to the correct location!
The team at New Way Orthodontics will provide you with the utmost care ensuring that you get the best possible results.

What is bone grafting?

A Dental Bone Graft is a treatment used to add bone to a part of the jaw that has lost bone or which requires extra support. It is possible to surgically merge new bone to the jaw’s existing bone by removing bone from some other part of the body. Synthetic bone material is also used occasionally. In a nutshell, Bone graft gives volume and density to your jaw in cases of bone loss.

Are there different kinds of bone grafts?

Yes. There are four primary categories, which includes

  • Preservation of sockets: This kind of graft, often referred to as ridge preservation, is inserted into the socket right away after a tooth has been pulled. It prevents the sides of the socket from collapsing and fills the space left by the lost tooth.
  • Ridge extension: If you have been without a tooth for a while, the jawbone that accommodates your teeth may not be as thick as it once was. Ridge augmentation enlarges the jawbone’s width and volume to give implants or other restorative techniques a solid base.
  • Sinus lift: A sinus lift refers to the augmentation or lifting up of the maxillary sinus to make more room for new bone.
  • Periodontal bone graft: The bone that supports the teeth might deteriorate as a result of gum disease infection. The teeth might be loose as a result of this. An existing tooth is given greater support and less movement by a periodontal bone graft.

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