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Crooked teeth? No problem - let us straighten them out!

If your smile is crooked, don’t worry! There are many different things that can cause a person’s teeth to be out of alignment, including dental accidents and genetics.
What causes crooked teeth?
Facial injuries in which the person experiences a blow to the mouth can cause jaw misalignment. Another cause of crooked teeth in adults is tooth loss, which causes the remaining teeth to move into the space left by the missing tooth and become crooked.

Take the first step to a more confident smile!

Straightening your teeth can be easy and affordable. Find out how to get started today. We are standing by to help you. If your teeth are crooked and you think that they can potentially lead to severe health issues or if you want a straighter and healthier smile, book an appointment with our experts at NEW WAY CENTRE for CRANIOFACIAL PAIN AND ORTHODONTICS. Learn which orthodontic treatment is best for you and take the first step to your best smile. Call us now to book your appointment today!

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