Concerned about the pattern of your teeth but more concerned about those metallic brackets and wires in your mouth that can hamper your aesthetics?

We are here to address all your concerns with all new technology of invisible braces, particularly known as ALIGNERS.


Aligners are appliances that are clearly transparent and seemingly invisible which are used to correct your malalignment of teeth.

These are custom made and removable.

Equally effective as traditional braces, aligners aid in treating malocclusion very gently, gradually and in a fashion that is unnoticeable to others when you wear them.


The prominent advantage of aligners is that you don’t need to hide your smile while getting treated as they are barely noticeable and you can wear them confidently regardless of your age or profession.

Being extremely comfortable is another plus point of choosing aligners over conventional treatment options. You will not have to experience any ulcers or cuts in your mouth.
If you had lead an active lifestyle, there aligners are a perfect choice for you as these are undeniably compatible with participating in any sort of sports.

You never have to worry about maintaining oral hygiene with aligners. You can easily remove them and efficiently brush and floss your teeth.

If you always have a hectic schedule then without any second thought, go for aligners. Your number of clinic visits decrease considerably as sets of aligners are delivered to you, and can be changes by you only at home as per directions of the clinician.


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