Damon Braces

When it comes to orthodontia, NEWWAY CENTRE FOR CRANIOFACIAL PAIN AND ORTHODONTIA, provides you with the best of the treatment option.

Remarkable among these are “DAMON BRACES”.

Due to the immediate benefits, we always recommend you to choose the best instead of conventional braces.


  1. Damon braces system operates with slide mechanism and that is why allows the wire to move freely which ultimately reduces friction.
  2. These are comfortable than conventional braces.
  3. These braces use very gentle forces to correct the malocclusion and there comes less discomfort to the patient.
  4. Easy to maintain oral hygiene, because unlike conventional ones, usage of elastics to tie the wires is not there which aids in cleaning teeth easily.
  5. Faster treatment and less chair-side time is needed while using Damon braces as they incorporate shape-memory wires that are more efficient.


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