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Damon Braces – What makes it different from regular braces.

If you are certain about getting your malocclusion corrected with braces only, then we have the best option for you “DAMON BRACES. Most of you who think getting your smile improved with orthodontic treatment would like it to be done fast, comfortably, conveniently and discreet. All these things are possible with world’s best of the systems i.e. “DAMON SYSTEM OF BRACES”.

Damon Braces Treatment

With the usage of “self-ligating” brackets, this system move the teeth faster as compared to standard braces. As there occurs sliding mechanism to hold the arch wire, Damon braces free you from those wire tightening appointments.


There are multiple factors due to which Damon Braces outstand others but most prominently, these usually make treatment possible without extractions or expanders if started at appropriate time. Apart from that, as described earlier, these include “tie-less brackets” and “sliding mechanism” which makes treatment faster than regular braces.
There is no fixed answer to this as treatment tenure is a characteristic that varies from one case to another depending upon the severity of malocclusion. But one thing that is certain about Damon Braces is that in comparison with standard braces, Damon Braces make to impossible to complete the treatment in almost half time.
Absolutely not, faster treatment with Damon Braces does not mean harsh forces on teeth or supporting tissues. These always impart gentle, low-friction, biologically-acceptable forces for teeth movement. The factor that makes treatment faster is shape memory feature of arch wire along with sliding mechanism that never let the wire to be loose. Hence, forces are imparted continuously at every time.
Damon system of Braces utilises self-ligating brackets, which means that there is absolutely no need of elastics to hold the wire with brackets. Elimination of elastics lead to decrease in food lodgement around brackets and are easy to clean. Therefore, make your treatment more hygienic.
The answer to this question is NO, until and unless you are not maintaining proper oral hygiene, there are no chances of getting caries because of Damon Braces because of being “tie-less” brackets are not the centre of food lodgement.
Certainly YES, “Ceramic Braces” which are commonly known as Clear Braces are also available in Damon system of Braces, if aesthetics is a concern for you but you are sure about getting braces only instead of aligners, the surely “Ceramic Braces” can be your treatment of choice.
Taking into consideration the advantages that Damon Braces have over others, as well as the difference in the treatment time; the difference in the treatment cost seems insignificant. Undoubtedly, Damon Braces make it possible to have the finest of results and chances of relapses are also negligible.
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