Tired of grinding sound from your teeth?

Now, it’s the time to get rid of it through occlusal and neuromuscular interventions, as per the principles of treating bruxism which states that regardless of the cause, the most effective treatment for the effects of bruxism is perfection of the occlusion.


Bruxism is a condition where a person grinds and clenches his/her teeth. It is considered as a movement disorder. Bruxism can be of two sorts, namely, awake bruxism and sleep bruxism. As the name suggests, former occurs during day-time and latter at night. Usually, bruxers themselves are unaware of clenching and grinding when they do so, that means it can be considered as an unconscious practice. It’s the after bruxism effects that make people concerned.



  1. Interferences between the upper and lowers teeth are a prominent etiology of bruxism.
  2. Those interferences could be a result of improper restoration or imbalanced occlusion.
  3. Another significant cause is abnormal alignment of the temporomandibular joint which leads to imbalance in the occlusion.
  4. Apart from that, neurological, disorders may also result in problem of bruxism.
  5. Sleep apnea or other sleeping disorders.
  6. Stressful and anxious conditions can cause grinding of teeth too.


  1. The most apparent effect is tooth wear. Wearing off of teeth is directly proportional to intensity and duration of grinding teeth.
  2. Feeling of fatigue or soreness in the jaw on awakening in the morning.
  3. Increased dental sensitivity especially in the morning hours.
  4. Fractured teeth or even chipped off teeth are a result of bruxism.
  5. Grinding sound-loud enough to keep the partner awake at night.


Undeniably, YES. Important aspect is accurately diagnosing the cause of bruxism and the with the expertise, it can definitely be treated. Along with that, the damage that occurs to the teeth owing to this habit can also be effectively restored and corrected.


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