Sports Dentistry

Sports dentistry encompasses numerous modalities to prevent and treat oral/facial injuries, related oral or craniofacial diseases and their manifestations.

With ever increasing engagement of people in sports, it has become the need of hour to promote and create awareness regarding sports dentistry.


  1. Treatment of orofacial injuries such as facial or cranial bone fractures, TMJ injuries, teeth fractures, luxation, avulsion, intrusion etc.
  2. Prevention of sports related orofacial injuries. Preventive sports devices and preventive options gain significance because of increasing trend of sports participation.
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How can help in preventing your sports related injuries?

We at NEWWAY CETRE offer you with various devices and modalities that will certainly help you in preventing injuries while you are focussed on your sport. Various treatment options available are:

  1. Custom-made mouth guards
  2. TMK splint or other TMJ appliances
  3. Bite planes or inter-occlusal splints
  4. Dental trauma splint device


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