Temporomandibular Disorders


Temporomandibular disorders are a collective term that embraces a number of clinical problems which involve the masticatory muscles, the temporomandibular joint and the associated structures.


These problems give rise to multifarious signs and symptoms, that include:

  1. Pain or tenderness in the TMJ, muscles of mastication, facial areas, shoulder and neck.
  2. Tinnitus in one or both the ears.
  3. A clicking, popping or grating sound when opening or closing the mouth or while chewing.
  4. Catching or locking of the joint with deviations or deflections of the mandible on opening or closing the mouth.
  5. Limitations in opening or closing the mouth.
  6. Difficulty or discomfort while chewing.
  7. Sensation of an uncomfortable bite.
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Owing to TMDs, everyday activities such as eating, talking or yawning can trigger pain and even your quality of sleep can be affected. TMDs, albeit being the most common cause of craniofacial pain are often largely go undiagnosed.

Eventually, when not diagnosed and traces timely, can lead to wear and tear of teeth causing dental problems too.

“When teeth and muscle war, muscle never loses.” – Peter E. Dawson

We cannot keep the teeth in a stable and healthy position where muscle does not want them to be. Muscle is the dominant determinant of both the vertical and horizontal positioning of teeth.

Inco-ordinated, hyperactive musculature can, over time, displace the disk from a condyle and cause a variety of severe structural deformation to the temporomandibular joints as well.

The experts at the NEWWAY CENTRE for CRANIOFACIAL PAIN are meticulously comprehensive and thorough in patient evaluation ad diagnosis in order to get to the underlying cause and to find a permanent solution.

The treatment protocol followed is completely non-invasive, reversible and most important effective in getting rid of pain completely. The clinicians with expertise along with the cutting edge technology utilised, always make assurance that the patient walks back home pain-free!


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