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Dental Surgery

Root End Surgery

Root end surgery, also known as apicoectomy, is a surgical procedure used to treat infected teeth caused by decay or trauma. It involves the removal of the end of a tooth’s root, along with any infection or debris present in the area. This procedure is crucial for preventing further damage to the tooth and surrounding tissue. Root end surgery is typically performed when a root canal treatment has failed and the infection has spread to the root end, but it may also be recommended for treating a fractured or damaged tooth root, or repairing a fracture in the jawbone. During the surgery, the dentist will make an incision in the gums around the affected tooth to access the root. They will then remove the infected tissue and end of the root using a small drill.

Once the procedure is completed, the dentist will fill the area with a special material to prevent any further infection. While root end surgery is a relatively simple procedure, it’s important to understand its risks and potential complications. If you require root end surgery or want to learn more about it, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Bone Grafting

At New Way Orthodontics, we offer exceptional care for those who require bone grafting for a bone injury or condition. Dental bone grafting is a treatment used to add bone to a part of the jaw that has lost bone or requires additional support. The procedure involves surgically merging new bone with the existing bone, often by removing bone from another part of the body, or using synthetic bone material. The primary categories of bone grafting include preservation of sockets, ridge extension, sinus lift, and periodontal bone graft. Preservation of sockets, also known as ridge preservation, prevents the collapse of the socket and fills the space left by the lost tooth. Ridge augmentation enlarges the width and volume of the jawbone to provide a solid base for implants or other restorative techniques.

Sinus lift refers to the augmentation or lifting of the maxillary sinus to create more space for new bone. Periodontal bone grafting is used when gum disease infection causes deterioration of the bone supporting the teeth, leading to loose teeth. The procedure provides greater support and reduces movement of the affected tooth. At New Way Orthodontics, our team provides the best possible care for bone grafting procedures, ensuring that patients achieve optimal results. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Gum Grafting

It is essential to seek professional help from a qualified dental professional. Gum grafting can be an effective solution for those suffering from gum recession. During the procedure, healthy gum tissue is grafted onto the affected area, covering the exposed roots and restoring gum health. With proper care and maintenance, the grafted tissue can integrate with existing gum tissue and provide long-lasting results. Don’t let gum disease go untreated – contact us today to schedule a consultation and see if gum grafting is the right solution for you.

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