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newway orthodontic The Future of Dental Implants Expectations best dental clinic in Chandigarh best dental treatment in Chandigarh

The Future of Dental Implants: Expectations

New Discoveries, New Results

Gone are the days when you didn’t have many options for worn out or missing teeth, and you couldn’t do much other than use old-tech dentures or dislodge bad teeth. Here, as the best dental clinic in Chandigarh, we will try to explain the dental revolution. The dental revolution has done away with all the old-age limitations.

newway orthodontic The Future of Dental Implants Expectations best dental clinic in Chandigarh best dental treatment in Chandigarh

newway orthodontic The Future of Dental Implants Expectations best dental clinic in Chandigarh best dental treatment in Chandigarh

The rapid development of dental implants and the rapid advancement of tooth replacement systems in a short period have made everything easier. Modern dentistry, or dental implants, has significantly improved the lives of people of all ages and classes. Even the advances in cutting-edge implant technology have offered troubled people with missing teeth new ways to be happy by making them affordable, long-lasting optics.

Mini-Micro Versions of Transplantation

Earlier, if your teeth were terrible and there was no chance of recovering, they were simply uprooted. Neither the patient knew anything about the transplant nor did all the dentists have the facilities that the patient had suggested for the transplant. But now, other transplants are present through which mini and micro versions of transplantation are being tried.

Additionally, transplant-supported bridges and overdentures are replacing traditional bridges and dentures.

CAD, the New Milestone

The development of dental implants involves a fierce milestone involving computer-aided design (CAD) in dentistry. This new revolution made dentistry more effective. And we are the best dental treatment in Chandigarh who are using this revolutionary technique.

The success

The most significant benefit of dental transplantation was seeing those whose teeth had gone missing. The success of this medicine can be gauged from the figure that 95 percent of people who have tried this technique have seen its benefits.

The Need

Now let’s talk about when dental implants are more effective. It is generally found that it is unique when:

• Bone growth is to be stimulated
• Supports the teeth around the tooth on which the implant is to be placed.
• To restore confidence and smile in people who have lost them due to worn or missing teeth
• To provide powerful bytes in a powerful way

Aged Esthetic Sense

The search for changing teeth is centuries old. If seen, there is nothing new in the search we are talking about. Different types of work have been done on the repulsion of the teeth spoiled by the members. The discovery of the members and the attractive techniques added to it in today’s era is also very interesting.

If the history of our civilization is adequately studied, it will be revealed that even today, people are conscientious about the beauty of their faces. This beauty was also seen deteriorating due to broken teeth, and to maintain this beauty of the face, they found some way of doing dental transplants in one or
For example, the Chinese used bamboo pegs as artificial teeth in ancient times. After this, there were many improvements from time to time.

The Eureka Moment

The eureka moment came in the 1950s when it was felt that a substance made with a metal called titanium may be fused with bone (in a process called oscillation) to create effective dental implants.

The Discovery of Titanium

In the 1960s, work began on the expansion of implant design. Due to this, the first titanium dental implant process was demonstrated in 1965 due to significant progress. Since then, dental transplant techniques have caused tremendous movement through extensive research.

With new discoveries in transplant, its form also changed. Talking about modern implants, a screw is used with a high-grade titanium alloy connected to the root replacement jaw, and the post is inserted to keep a crown on top.

“The New Metals”

Other materials were tried and failed as the development of dental implants moved toward titanium as the signature material. These materials included platinum, iridium, gold ligature wires, stainless steel, ivory, chromium, and cobalt.

The Implant Specialists

Dental implants have evolved as the materials and surface coatings have been restructured and refined to the point that they provide the best tooth-replacement options for the present and future.

The high success rate of dental implants is a result of dental implant specialists’ experience. Following dental school, implant specialists complete an additional four years of training in a hospital residency to become dental surgeons.

The best implant dentists will stay current on dental implant developments, such as 3D evaluation of CT (computerized tomography) scans to assess bone condition, which enables the most efficient placement of implants.

The Ongoing Evolution

While bridges and dentures were once seen as conventional treatments for missing teeth, implants are now seen as the best option.

Dentists can now plan implant treatment more effectively, place implants with more precision in more areas, and promote bone growth more predictably.

Modern dental implantology uses nanotechnology to improve the way titanium fuses with the bone and to lessen the risk of infection.

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Titanium vs. Zirconia

As a result, zirconia implants with a ceramic cap have only recently been made available as an alternative to titanium dental implants as a result of the development of dental implants. Both titanium and zirconia are biocompatible materials that integrate well with bone and gum tissue.

If you’re considering getting implants, another thing to consider is that zirconia implants cost more to make than titanium implants, and this higher cost is passed on to the patient.

The Future of Dental Implants: What Can We Expect?

Cone-beam scanning, a development in dental implants, allows your dentist to see a precise, in-depth 3D image of your mouth, including soft tissue and bone, in order to place implants in the ideal locations.

Advancing technology in computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided design (CAD) is exploring ways to create customized implants as opposed to standard implant designs.

In the future, individualized dental implants will be made possible with the help of computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, and 3D imaging.

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best dental clinic & dental treatment in Chandigarh

10 things you need to know about Invisalign treatment

Invisalign treatment

Invisalign clear aligners are the future of teeth straightening- 95% of doctor agree. After taking a digital scan or impression, your doctor will develop a treatment plan using a series of custom-made, removable, and virtually invisible aligners.
Your first concern as a parent is choosing a treatment that will give your teen their best smile. With advances that no other clear aligner can offer, like Smart Track material and Smart Force features, Invisalign the clear aligners straighten teeth with 75% more predictability- without interrupting your teen’s life.
Invisalign clear aligners straighten teeth faster than fixed appliances. They are clear and removable, so you can see the progress in your teen’s smile every step of the way.
There are no brackets to rub or wires to break. And unlike most other aligners, Invisalign clear aligners are trimmed along the gum line for optimal patient comfort.
Studies show teens wear their aligners the recommended 20 to 22 hours a day. Plus, only Invisalign clear aligners have built-in compliance indicators, so you can be sure your teen is wearing the aligners. What’s best? Replacement aligners are available should your teen misplace them.
You want your teen to see what you’ve always seen: their potential. Traditional braces can make teens self-conscious, and studies show that teens with Invisalign clear aligners are 2x more likely to have a boost in self-esteem.
Invisalign treatment can give you back family time, because Invisalign clear aligners don’t need to be manually adjusted by a doctor. And you’ll never have an emergency visit due to broken wires or brackets.
The aligners are virtually invisible and easily removable, so your teen can still enjoy school pictures, social events, and all the foods they love. Plus, no brackets or wires means sports injuries are less likely.
Your teeth can even continue your brush and floss as usual for better oral health- and have less cavity-causing plaque than patients with braces.
Ask your doctor on repayment options that can help you fit Invisalign treatment into your budget.
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Damon Braces Treatment best dental clinic & dental treatment in Chandigarh

Damon Braces – What makes it different from regular braces.

If you are certain about getting your malocclusion corrected with braces only, then we have the best option for you “DAMON BRACES. Most of you who think getting your smile improved with orthodontic treatment would like it to be done fast, comfortably, conveniently and discreet. All these things are possible with world’s best of the systems i.e. “DAMON SYSTEM OF BRACES”.

Damon Braces Treatment

With the usage of “self-ligating” brackets, this system move the teeth faster as compared to standard braces. As there occurs sliding mechanism to hold the arch wire, Damon braces free you from those wire tightening appointments.


There are multiple factors due to which Damon Braces outstand others but most prominently, these usually make treatment possible without extractions or expanders if started at appropriate time. Apart from that, as described earlier, these include “tie-less brackets” and “sliding mechanism” which makes treatment faster than regular braces.
There is no fixed answer to this as treatment tenure is a characteristic that varies from one case to another depending upon the severity of malocclusion. But one thing that is certain about Damon Braces is that in comparison with standard braces, Damon Braces make to impossible to complete the treatment in almost half time.
Absolutely not, faster treatment with Damon Braces does not mean harsh forces on teeth or supporting tissues. These always impart gentle, low-friction, biologically-acceptable forces for teeth movement. The factor that makes treatment faster is shape memory feature of arch wire along with sliding mechanism that never let the wire to be loose. Hence, forces are imparted continuously at every time.
Damon system of Braces utilises self-ligating brackets, which means that there is absolutely no need of elastics to hold the wire with brackets. Elimination of elastics lead to decrease in food lodgement around brackets and are easy to clean. Therefore, make your treatment more hygienic.
The answer to this question is NO, until and unless you are not maintaining proper oral hygiene, there are no chances of getting caries because of Damon Braces because of being “tie-less” brackets are not the centre of food lodgement.
Certainly YES, “Ceramic Braces” which are commonly known as Clear Braces are also available in Damon system of Braces, if aesthetics is a concern for you but you are sure about getting braces only instead of aligners, the surely “Ceramic Braces” can be your treatment of choice.
Taking into consideration the advantages that Damon Braces have over others, as well as the difference in the treatment time; the difference in the treatment cost seems insignificant. Undoubtedly, Damon Braces make it possible to have the finest of results and chances of relapses are also negligible.
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Invisalign Treatment – FAQs


Invisalign Treatment in Chandigarh

Invisalign is an innovation in the field of orthodontics that uses braces in the form of tray aligners.

Aligner trays are made up of smart track material that is strong enough to bear all type of forces of mastication. These trays are fabricated to impart movement in teeth in a very comfortable manner on weekly basis. Intended position of teeth is achieved with every aligner tray that initially fits in your pre-aligned state of teeth because of the stretchability of material and then applies forces upon teeth to move them towards planned tray position. This is the basic principle behind the working of Invisalign aligners.

Invisalign Treatment

With iTERO 3-D scanning, each and every aspect of your occlusion is in front of you just in few minutes and you can instantly visualize the post-treatment results also. Gracefully, with the in-house iTERO scanner, progress of your treatment can also be checked at various stages with 3-D scanning to assure that expected and real results are on pace. Not only this, as you can visualize your intended post-treatment occlusion even before treatment commencement, you can even clearly explain your desires or special concerns to the orthodontist and sure if that are to be fulfilled in the treatment plan made.

Invisalign is a boon for people of every age group seeking orthodontic treatment. It fits in perfectly in every profession’s pre-requisite be it modelling, reporting, sports, teaching or anything else. Being visually invisible you can wear them without concerning about being noticed for getting any sort of orthodontic treatment.


Treatment cost usually depends upon the severity of malocclusion that a person has as it directly puts impact upon the number of aligner trays that alters the cost. Apart from that, the type of package that a person choses is also one of the cost factors. Luckily, our in-house iTERO scanner helps you to cut out a portion of your expenses as we provide free scanning to our patients.
Grossly speaking, your treatment tenure may vary from 6 months to 1.5 years. Of course, that will depend upon individual treatment case and your priority of corrections.
It is advisable to wear your aligners for about 22 hours every day and to remove them while having meals or chewing and to change your aligner trays after every 7-10 days.
Yes, from cases like deep bite, open bite to teeth rotations, everything can be treated with the help of invisalign. Sometimes, usage of intra-oral elastics or buttons is required that are always pre-planned.
You may feel some amount of discomfort for first couple of days when treatment begins in the form of pressure sensation or minor tenderness which goes away after 2-3 days.
Tea and coffee can be safely consumed while using aligners. The only reason to recommend removal of aligners is to avoid unnecessary staining that can happen while having beverages.
At the first place, invisalign aligners are totally unnoticeable so you can confidentially wear them while going out. If you wish to remove them for some important engagements, you may do so for 2-3 hours but only occasionally. As wearing aligners for less than 22 hours regularly may delay your treatment.
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